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Ring Sizes

Ring Sizes

| Gillian Esposito

Determining your ring size can be tricky without the proper tools. Use our Ring Size Conversion chart below to find your ring size in different countries. Need help? Speak with a Diamond Expert now by calling +44(0)7493-431-888.

Please note: We highly recommend that you visit our showroom to have your finger professionally measured by an expert and try on rings of the same width before ordering from us. Rings can usually be resized at further cost, please contact us for more details.

The average ring sizes in the UK

The average ring size for engagement rings and wedding rings varies slightly from country to country. A person’s ring size typically depends on their dress size, height, and of course, how they’re built.

The average men’s ring size in the UK differs from women’s, essentially because men and women tend to differ in height and build. That said, we all come in unique shapes and sizes, and our ring sizes are no different. There’s no completely safe way to predict a ring size but understanding the average ring size in the UK may help you learn where you (or your partner) fall in the sizing chart.

Average men’s and women’s ring sizes

What is the average ring size for women? The average engagement ring size in the UK is L. Likewise, the average wedding ring size for women is L.

What is the average ring size for men? The UK average men’s rings size is S – a whole seven sizes bigger than the women’s

Quick tips for getting your ring size right
  • If possible, have your ring size measured by a reputable jeweller - they’ll likely have you try on a couple of sample sizes to see what works best, and will use a professional sizing stick. We offer this service free of charge, book an appointment to arrange your visit to our showroom

  • Your hands swell slightly when hot and are smaller than usual when cold. If you are particularly hot or cold, get them to temperature buy running them under room temperature water

  • Make sure to determine whether the size is ‘leading edge’ or ‘centre’ - at Regal we tend to use the ‘leading edge’ measurement and craft our rings accordingly

  • Try not to worry about the ring size too much - we’re on hand to give you the best advice regarding your or your partner’s ring size right. We predict sizes for engagement rings all the time! And if we don’t get it spot on, we’ll resize your ring free of charge.